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Asset Management

Not to be confused with Financial Planning, Asset Management is the service of investing and managing your assets (retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, etc). As your advisor I will position your assets to match your time horizon, risk tolerance and any other requirements you may have for these assets.
As a CFP® I have a fiduciary duty to you when I do this.

Minimum investment requirement is $100,000.

Asset Management Services

Semi Annual Portfolio Reviews
Risk Tolerance Analysis
Investment Selection
Asset Allocation

Financial Education
Gains/Loss Harvesting
Monthly Market Update Newsletter

Asset Management Fees

Asset Management Fees

Asset Management fees for the creation and management of a portfolio tailored to your needs, are based on the assets under management.

  • $100,000-$300,000 ~ 1%
  • $300,001-$999,999 ~ .9%
  • $1,000,000 + ~.75%

The fees are tiered. For example, an account with a value of $500,000 would be assessed 1% on the first $300,000 and .9% on the balance. Related account (spouses for example) can be aggregated for the purpose of achieving a higher AUM level and reduced fee.

The management fee is annual though it is assessed quarterly (25% of the annual fee).