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December 13, 2023

The Seasons of my Garden


As the year winds down, I start to mull over the events and aspirations of the last twelve months.  There are usually things that never got done.  Good thing we get a fresh start in January.


I don’t usually set New Year’s resolutions but I do keep a mental list of things that I would like to accomplish in the future, especially in my garden.


There are distinct growing seasons in the garden as there are in our lives.  Spring is fresh and hopeful, youthful.  Summer is a matured Spring.  The bloom is off, the garden has reached its peak.  Fall is the slow winding down of all that youthfulness. Winter marks the conclusion of the gardening season.


I have an ongoing list of projects for my garden. This year I made some progress.  The oregano that had gone amuck was, temporarily, beaten back.  The trees were professionally pruned. That enthusiastic orange peel plant, which I never should have turned loose, has been tamed.  I never got to the hostas which need to be divided.  That will have to wait until spring.


Most of the leaves have been taken up. The compost bins are full.  The pond has been put to bed, the koi snug in their winter shelters, safe from the racoon.  Some leaves remain in the mid-section of the garden.  The birds fuss around there looking for bugs.  Ladybugs hibernate in the resting perennials.


At the start of the New Year I will cut back the big grasses, my final gardening act until spring.  In early February I look for hints of daffodils and tulips poking through the soil.  I will start planning for spring.  By April the garden emerges from its winter rest and I am ready to tackle my list. 


Our lives are similar to a garden in that there are distinct stages and things that we ought to do.  The garden has the advantage of continuing to cycle though many seasons if it is well tended.  We humans do not enjoy that luxury.  We have one go at it.


Tend to your own life and your family with care. Make the necessary preparations for whatever may come next.  Be deliberate in your decisions.  If the past year has been messy and out of control, January is the opportunity to start fresh, to refocus and get back to your chosen path.  How does that adage go?  You will reap whatever it is that you sowed…


Best wishes for a glorious New Year~