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September 15, 2023

Not a quality that I’d normally attribute to a squirrel, but let me explain.   All summer long I’ve watched an industrious grey squirrel busily plant corn kernels in my neighborhood. (The source of the corn is a squirrel feeder in somebody’s backyard.) This squirrel must be a great admirer of Japanese gardening methods as he usually plants the kernels in groups of three or five.


Initially I pulled the baby corn stalks out of my garden but there were some many of them that I was actually a little impressed.  The corn starts are not just in my garden but are also in the yards of the houses on either side of and across the street from the house with the corn feeder. 


This squirrel was clearly planning ahead. 


My squirrel would make an ideal financial planning client.  He saves for the future what otherwise could have been consumed today.  He was persistent and methodical about it too as he planted as much corn as possible to increase his chances of success.


Coincidentally, Squirrel is a great financial planning verb. Squirreling: to stash something away for future use.


Another word similar to persistence is tenacity. I’d define tenacity as persistence with tentacles, like an octopus perhaps. Tenacity could be the more physical, grasping cousin of persistence. My neighborhood squirrel is decidedly tenacious and he wanted to succeed.


I will leave you with your imagination to draw up other parallels to my squirrel observations.  More importantly though, when there is something you would like to achieve in your life, you are likely to be more successful at achieving that goal if you do some planning.  Planning requires persistence (doing the things necessary to be successful) and tenacity (being ferociously persistent despite whatever setbacks you might encounter). 


Happy Autumn.