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Your Life is a Journey

Your Life is a Journey

February 08, 2023

Where is your journey taking you?

Everyone likes to travel, right?  Your life is a journey, but it is not just any journey, it is your journey.  Journeys are carefully planned.  So should your life.  Many of us are too distracted by what is in front of us that we can barely think about what might happen next week.  For those of us with limited bandwidth, our haphazard “planning” may or may not get us to where we ultimately would like to be, but for now it is our default plan.

Everyone needs a plan.  Everyone has goals and dreams that they would like to achieve in this lifetime.  Everyone’s goals and dreams are different.  It could be the purchase of your first home, sending your children to college, preparing for a comfortable retirement.  Since this involves having sufficient amounts of money, thoughtful planning is in order.

 No plan is perfect from the start, especially if it spans long periods of time.  Your life will change, things will happen and your plan will have to adapt.

Here’s a parable from business school:  A bunch of people were lost in the mountains and in a panic.  Then, someone pulls out a map.  Folks calmed down, someone (probably the person with the map) took charge, and the group began to formulate a plan.  Off they went, amending their plan as circumstances merited it and they eventually arrived at their destination.  Here’s the rub, that map had nothing to do with where they were lost.  The map (or the person with the map) was the impetus that gave the group confidence to create a plan and to proceed forward.

Don’t let the forces of the Universe dictate your life plan.  Wrestle control back and work with a Certified Financial Planner® to design a roadmap to where you want to go.

 P.S. Don’t be surprised if your Certified Financial Planner® is the person with the map….